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The advent of cutting-edge technology has changed the way we lead. The world is now a global village. Our countries are without borders and our churches are without walls. The 21st Century Pastor is no longer shielded by the four walls of the church and theological education alone is not enough to meet his or her training needs.



The mission of Pastors Academy is to meet the training needs of the 21st Century Pastor and the human capital needs of the modern church


n the 21st Century, the Pastor is not just a leader, but a leader of leaders. His or her church is made of leaders from varied backgrounds. Therefore a regular update of his or her skills set is not longer an option but mandatory.

 Additionally the church requires a new breed of members who are equipped to serve the mission of the church. For this to happen churches require training that will convert their members into highly productive human capital.

The main objective of Pastors Academy is to meet the training needs of today’s pastors and the human capital needs of churches through the provision of world-class church-centric short-term executive education programmes that complement bible school education.


Hosts & Guests

Bishop Gideon Titi-Ofei

Lady Olivia Titi-Ofei

Rev. Acheampong

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Flagship Programmes

The Pastors Programme

Pastors Programme is a 30-day comprehensive executive education programme in pastoral leadership comprising 5 days of lectures and 25 days of intellectually challenging take home assignments. The programme content is based on a 15-module comprehensive training...

360 Degree Pastoring

This is a senior pastor training programme designed by senior pastors for senior pastors. The training usually features a hugely successful senior pastor who shares the secret of his or success with the attending senior pastors.


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